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Personally, I am not always the best with money. On the other hand, I’m also not the best at exploring products and brands to find new ones I love. I’m a classic buy it cheap and stick to it type of person. I do not buy expensive products or high-end makeup -- which means I had also never even tried any.

However, that’s not an issue these day. Because these days, there is an incredible variety of monthly subscription boxes that do wonders getting anyone out of whatever product or clothing funk they might find themselves in. Check out these different subscriptions and find the one that fits you best! 


$10/month OR $110/year

$10/month OR $110/year

Birchbox is a makeup and beauty product subscription box that includes:

  • Five beauty samples
  • Tips and tricks
  • You can cancel anytime

Birchbox also supplies a men’s box for the same price

The products supplied are on the smaller side, so you find yourself going through them pretty quickly.




Boxy Charm supplies:

  • Four to five full size beauty products

Each Boxy Charm package has a value of over $100, which is ideal considering it is one of the more expensive makeup subscription boxes.

However, the higher the cost – the higher the risk.

 PLAY! by Sephora



Sephora has their own monthly beauty subscription for you that supplies:

  • Five beauty samples
  • A makeup bag
  • 50 beauty insider points to redeem in store
  • Tutorials and tips

One benefit of choosing Play! is that all the products are available at Sephora itself, which means if you fall in love with something it’s much more accessible than other subscription box products.

Unfortunately, the popularity of Play! means you might end up on a wait list before you actually begin subscribing.

TARGET Beauty Box

Varies between $5-$10

Varies between $5-$10

Everybody loves Target – and now there is even more reason to! Target’s beauty box includes:

  • Five to seven beauty products
  • $3 dollars toward a $15 beauty purchase

Unfortunately, Target’s beauty box is not currently a monthly subscription. So, if you want to receive them regularly you will have to order each one individually at the beginning of every month. Target releases them about every first Monday of the month.


$10/month OR $110/year

$10/month OR $110/year

Ipsy is an incredibly popular monthly subscription box that supplies an average of $50 worth of products in each delivery. With Ipsy, you’ll receive:

  • Five sample size beauty products
  • A makeup bag
  • Tips and tricks

The variety of products supplied offers a large array of smaller and larger products, of which some you’ll have for a while.

Another benefit of Ipsy is their unique makeup bags they send out every month. Each one is incredibly different, which means you’ll absolutely receive enough you love over time -- you won’t know what to do with them all!


$21/month OR $58.50/three months OR $111/six months OR $210/year

$21/month OR $58.50/three months OR $111/six months OR $210/year

Similar to Boxy Charm, Glossy Box supplies products valued over $100. You’ll receive:

  • Five products (three are full-sized)

Again, the higher cost means more investment.




Goodbeing is the perfect subscription box if you are looking for inexpensive, natural, and healthy wellness products. With Goodbeing, you will be given:

  • Five to six products with an average of $45 to $65 value per box.

Goodbeing works by having you choose one to two products, then they pick four to five additional products.

Unlike other subscription boxes, Goodbeing does not offer any referral or rewards programs.


$20 styling fee  , b uy what you want

$20 styling fee, buy what you want

Stitchfix is a clothing subscription box that gives you the opportunity to take three days to try out the products you receive before returning what you don’t want and keeping what you do.

The $20 styling fee you spend per box will be applied to any purchase you choose to make from it. The average price of an item in a Stitchfix box is around 55 dollars.

  • Offers clothing, jewelry, and bags in both men and women lines.




This is for the men in the room! Trendy Butler is a men’s fashion monthly subscription box that supplies:

  • One to three items at over an $150 value

This clothing subscription service is unique compared to others because you keep whatever you receive, instead of picking and choosing what you want to keep.


$59-$79/month*    *unlimited totes per month


*unlimited totes per month

With Le Tote, you have multiple different package options to choose from. You can either receive:

  • Three garments and two accessories
  • Four garments
  • Five garments and three accessories

The benefits of Le Tote include the ability to swap things out before your tote ships so you can receive things according to you. You can keep the clothes for as long as you like before you send them back to be replaced. You can keep what you love and return what you don’t.

Then, you will receive another (regardless of whether the month is up).

Le tote offers an everlasting cycle of clothes throughout your days for a monthly fee.


$21/month*    *unlimited totes per month


*unlimited totes per month

Rocksbox works the same as Le Tote in a jewelry format. You’ll receive:

  • Three pieces of jewelry per box

Keep the jewelry you want and send the rest back, then receive another directly following. The $21 dollars you paid for the box can be applied to any purchase you want to make.

You can also receive credit towards purchases by inviting others to Rocksbox.


$20 styling fee, b  uy what you want

$20 styling fee, buy what you want

Wantable provides every subscriber with:

  • Five to seven items

You are given five days to decide what you want and don’t, then your $20 styling fee will be applied toward whatever you choose to keep.

The average pricing of items is between $50 and $100

Wantable lets you choose between three categories – style, fitness, and men’s fitness


$20 style fee, k  eep what you love

$20 style fee, keep what you love

With Nadine West, you will be provided with:

  • Two to four items from clothes to scarves to accessories.

Similar to the rest, the $20 you put forward for styling and be applied toward your purchase.

Different from the rest, the clothes are much more affordable than the average $50 price featured in the other subscriptions. The average cost of an item in a Nadine West subscription is around $20.




Yoga Club is a subscription box for all the yoga lovers out there. Every box features a yoga themed outfit. You can either receive:

  • Two items
  • Two premium items
  • Three premium items

In your Yoga Club box, you will keep whatever you receive. However, there are different exchange options available if you absolutely want something different.

As a benefit, every box you purchase will buy a yoga and meditation class for someone in need.




Bath and body lovers now have a monthly subscription box dedicated to truly pampering themselves. You can either purchase a box with:

  • Three soaps
  • Five bath products 
  • Three to five products from candles to soap to lotion
  • Seven to ten products from candles to soap to lotion


$49.99/every three months

$49.99/every three months

FabFitFun is a popular quarterly subscription box that supplies over $200 worth of beauty products and accessories.

FabFitFun is unique from others in that they provide full-sized, high-end products.

Honestly, with all these subscription boxes available choosing the one (or ones!) you want to be part of might take some strategic Venn diagramming.  Hopefully, in the end, you will have an exciting monthly gift coming your way -- as well as a chance to try out those products you never dreamed of owning. Have fun subscribing!


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