Everything You Need to Know About Your Eyebrows

One thing I wish someone would have told me in my developing life is the total difference the eyebrows can make for your face. Maybe it was my own fault for being too naïve to consider their impact. For every individual person, their individual bone structure and natural shape of their hair growth come largely into play to determine how they’ll fill in their brows. There are many different common mistakes that even the best of us make – maybe some you don’t even consider. It’s time to set the record straight with everyone here and give the basic information for your brows to live strong and complement stronger.

Your Natural Brow

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So, eyebrows totally vary in their thickness for everyone. Some of us may blame genetics, obsessive plucking, or a bad wax for our overly thin eyebrows – which then end up taking a lot of extra time to create a fuller appearance while still keeping things natural. Especially because these days you’ll notice the popularity in thicker brows rise.

Some of us aren’t blessed with the bushy brows we wish we had, though. Personally, my eyebrows found themselves being taken for quite a ride by my tweezers. In order to keep your brows full and natural, it is important to understand the proper technique for tweezing your strays. While you may be tempted to grab the magnifying mirror and go in with pinpoint accuracy, it may be a better idea to take a step back and tweeze from there. The problem with zooming in on your brows to tweeze them comes from over plucking strays that may not actually be as obvious as you think.  When you don’t account for your entire face and you only focus on the perfection of your eyebrow, you could end up tweezing the majority of it away in your plight.

Maybe you’re already past the point where this advice is useful, though. In that case, there are options available to help you regrow and rebrand your brows. There are plenty of different eyebrow growth serums and even biotin supplements that can help. Even a small change like rubbing castor oil into your brows before bed every night will help boost your brow growth.

There are also those of us who find themselves needing extra time simply to keep their brows under control. Maybe you find yourself envying those who need to fill rather than thin – but it’s important the grass is always greener. As much as you may resent your brows for the consistent effort they require of you, they’re a bold addition to your face that you should definitely be proud of.

Now, regardless of your brow’s thickness, all eyebrows will take a certain amount of upkeep. There are many different ways to reshape and touch up your brows, and we will touch on just a few of them.



Tweezing is the go to option for those of us who wish to spend little money on their eyebrows. It is different from the other options in the fact that it will require more regular maintained to consistently pluck your brows compared to the other choices.

While tweezing your brows, make sure you can take your time and don’t over-pluck. Remember that your natural brow shape should largely impact the hairs you should pull, and if you are in doubt – don’t pull. As far as eyebrows go, classic beauty lies largely in natural fuller brows.

Eyebrow Threading

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Have you ever seen the eyebrow threading pop ups in your local mall and always wondered what it would be like to get one? Here are the details – the threadist will use a thin cotton thread to remove hairs from your eyebrow. It is a long process that can irritate the skin. Threading is a better more permanent alternative than waxing because it does less damage to the skin.



Waxing is the quick removal of your stray hairs at once. This is a fast process that immediately creates your brow shape as well as redefines your edges. Waxing is one of the most commonly used forms of hair removal, and is a great option if you’re in any sort of a time crunch. Make sure you get your wax done by someone you can trust with your eyebrows, though! Any one extreme error and you could lose a brow in one fell swoop.

Filling them in


 So you’ve got your natural eyebrows and now you are ready to take the next step by filling and shaping them into the best brows for you. At this point, it is important to understand the different products and the different uses each one provides.



If you need a lot of extra help:

Opt for a brow pomade. The best thing I ever did was ask a worker at Sephora and she suggested a pomade due to its ability to easily add extra thickness while still keeping a natural appearance. Pomade is incredibly tactic and is easy to work with.

If you just need a little help:

You get the ease of simple using something like a brow pencil or powder to help even out any rough or discolored areas in your brows. The benefit of using something to outline or fill in already full brows is the polished look you get as the result. Using a pencil or powder to adjust small details can make a huge difference.

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Alright! So you’ve got your tools and your natural brows and it’s time to finally shape and fill. This is when self-reflection comes largely into play. There are endless brow shapes that can complement endless face shapes in our world, so if you know you look good with a specific arch and length then it’s definitely acceptable to trust yourself.

Sometimes, though, a little inspiration never hurts.

A few key things to remember is that you should try to alter your natural brow shape as minimally as you can. Sticking to the natural curve will help keep a natural appearance. It’s also important to note the color choice. Those who have darker hair should try to match or even use a shade slightly lighter for your brows. While blondes ideally follow the opposite path, choosing a darker shade than their own hair.

Now let’s look at a few different brow shapes that are especially complementary for these different face types.

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Once you’ve decided what angle and shape you want to work with, it’s finally time to get to work. Use the basic guide of starting from the outside edge of your nose all the way to the outer corner of your eye. While shaping, use straight and quick strokes in order to keep a natural, light look to your brows. Once you’ve finished shaping, stroke a clean mascara brush wand through your brows to blend any leftover color. In order to keep a more polished look, line the lower brow line with a lighter concealer or highlighter to define and help your eyebrow stand out.

The last and final piece of advice is something I heard a long time ago that truly changed my entire outlook on my eyebrows.

“Your eyebrows should be sisters, not twins.”

This is such an incredibly important thing to remember. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve wasted trying to get my eyebrows to match identically. In reality, your eyebrows will grow differently and giving them perfect symmetry is not necessary for perfect eyebrows.

Just remember, it all comes back to your natural eyebrows and what they need in order to complement your face. Take your time and find what works best for you. Pretty soon your daily eyebrow routine will go from tedious and difficult to simple and flawless. Good luck!

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