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Nutrition Q&A: Eating Without Guilt, Finding Balance

Do you often go through cycles of restricting and overeating?

  • When you emotionally eat?

  • Do you want to find a balanced way of eating?

Learn how Intuitive Eating can help you build healthy relationships with any favorite food and still achieve your health goals.

Intuitive Eating is an approach developed to help get off the dieting roller coaster of restricting and overeating, feeling deprived and then out of control, and yo-yoing between weight loss and weight gain.


This workshop is for you, if:

  • You want to learn how to trust yourself around all foods, even those considered “off limits”

  • You want to be able to incorporate all kinds of pleasurable foods without feeling out of control and guilty

  • You struggle with emotional eating and want to learn how to better cope with stress and emotions

  • You want to feel confident with your food choices

  • You want to trust your body when it tells you it’s hungry and listen to it when it’s full

This is the process of Intuitive Eating.

This workshop will be lead by registered dietitian and eating psychology coach Diana Alberti. An open discussion of what “diet mentality” is and how it is sabotaging your health and goals. And you will learn the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating.

Diana S. Alberti, RDN, EPC, RYT is a Registered Dietitian, Eating Psychology Coach and Yoga Instructor. Diana is an anti-diet, dietitian that practices a mind-body approach to nutrition, physical activity and well-being. Diana help clients reach their highest goals with strategies that nourish, rather than with typical dieting strategies that punish, restrict and consume our life.   Diana will help you to embrace, love and nurture your body in a whole new way. Diana’s mission is to help individuals stop dieting, self-sabotaging, hating on their body and start living confidently in their own skin, and feel empowered around food and body image.


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