What Yoga Means to Me

by Kate Lawlor

Yoga at the Happie House has benefited my life in so many ways. I have become more confident in my body, learned ways to relax my mind when I am stressed, and have felt a sense of community in this big city. My favorite part of the day is escaping all the stresses of life and going to the Happie House, which to me is a space that is supportive, fun, and calming. 



What Yoga Means to Us

by Cristina Guarino

& Amarilis Lugo

Yoga, to me, is the one time per week I get to completely unwind and focus on my breath. I especially enjoy restorative yoga since it's so meditative and helps me stretch out and open up. After sitting at a desk all week for work, it's the perfect opportunity to unwind, unclench, and breathe through all the mental and physical tightness that builds up. Ever since starting restorative yoga a few months ago with Amarilis, I've noticed a definite difference in my mindfulness and mood, and I'm looking forward to carrying this habit into the new year and beyond.

-Cristina Guarino

I've been practicing yoga for 10 years and I love how it brings a focus and balance to my life. I started practicing Restorative yoga to supplement training for my running but now I can't go a week without it. Focusing on my breath and unwinding from the week helps me get the most out of my weekend. 

-Amarilis Lugo

MARCH 2019


What Yoga Means to Me

by Remy Schonhaut

Everyone will tell you, yoga is the last thing I thought I’d fall in love with.  I have a lot of energy and really struggle with stillness. But after what seemed like one transition after another in my personal life I was determined to find a way to feel healthier, both physically and emotionally. And to find a way to spend time with myself while being around others.  I am so grateful to have found the Happie House because yoga, the teachers and environment has been completely life changing. 

APRIL 2019

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What Yoga Means to Us

by Samantha Walsh & Chris Diercksen

Yoga for me is the way I unwind and am able to find some more space within myself. It allows me to be my best self⠀

-Samantha Walsh

Yoga is a dedicated time to check in with my body through breath and careful adjustment. It’s a physical expression of gratitude.

-Chris Diercksen

MAY 2019

What Yoga Means to Me

by Sherri Carter

For years, I operated under the misconception that to practice yoga, you needed to be thin, young and perfect. Finally, I found Happie House and started with Restorative with Jamie, and Vinyasa with Hope. All of my fears evaporated, and I found peace, tranquility, and an immensely supportive community. There were people of all ages, shapes, and levels of skill. With gentle guidance and patience, each instructor has impacted my life and shown me love and support. Yoga has given me the confidence needed to face my challenges and let love into my life!

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