What Yoga Means to Me

by Liam Arbetman

Yoga has become an important part of my routine recently.  I had never tried yoga but I was looking for some physical activity to help me through a few significant life changes.  As a complete neophyte I was nervous to try it out at first but the The Happie House has proven to be an incredibly supportive and welcoming community.  Through yoga, I’ve found something I didn’t know I was looking for. Yoga provides much more than a physical workout because it’s about the practice and not the results.  But the results have also been amazing! I find myself with more strength, flexibility and stamina since embracing yoga. No matter how rough the week has been I can find a relaxation that grounds me, centers me and erases all of my tightness.  Namaste.


What Yoga Means to Me

by Amy Bosk

Yoga has grown into an incredibly important part of my adult life. When I began practicing about 10 years ago, yoga helped me feel more flexible, less anxious, and more grounded. After my oldest child was born nearly 5 years ago my body changed, and my emotions were heightened and confusing. Around this time, I also decided to embark on starting my own therapy practice after working as a social worker for agencies for many years. Having time to myself became rare and I took some time off from doing yoga regularly. I soon realized that practicing yoga was the very thing I needed to feel less overwhelmed and better in my body. I began practicing again, and felt so much more myself. It was then that I realized the significance of yoga in my life.

Despite intentions to practice more, for years I was only able to do yoga about once a week. On a spring day earlier this year, I walked by a sign advertising the Happie House, a new yoga studio in my neighborhood, which happened to be a few blocks both from my home and my office. With cautious optimism I decided to check out the schedule and went to a class. The Happie House feels like it has become a second home to me. The teachers are knowledgeable, supportive and kind. With such a wonderful studio in my community, going to yoga has become a regular and consistent part of my schedule, and the results are clear. I am stronger physically and mentally, more mindful in my day to day, and more tuned in to my children, my relationships and my work. I am incredibly grateful that the Happie House has become a part of my life. Namaste Yogis!



What Yoga Means to Me

by Stephanie Jade Wong

Most days, I count down the hours until I can go to yoga. Sometimes I even wonder if I can squeeze in a second flow. I wasn’t always excited about yoga, though. 

It’s been in and out of my life since I was a teenager. I first tried it when I joined a gym, thinking it was an easy workout. I went on to take a yoga class in college, where I learned it wasn’t as easy as it looked. 

When I moved to New York in my early twenties, I tried different types of yoga, discovered new studios, and connected with more instructors. I learned that I wasn’t positioning myself correctly in a handful of poses, I wasn’t breathing when I should’ve been, and there was more to the practice I wanted to explore.

I started purchasing yoga-related books, tried to sit still while meditating (still trying), and I go back and forth about yoga teacher training. (I should just do it, right?)

Yoga was once just a way for me to stay active, but now it’s become an activity that brings me so much joy. 

I’ve gone to studios all over NYC, and I never felt like a local until I found The Happie House. From the cheery yellow walls to the tiny hanging air plants, I’m glad I found a local practice space to plant my feet and grow into my (still super wobbly) tree pose. 

See you on the mat! Namaste.



What Yoga Means to Me

by Katie Barker

To me, coming to yoga at The Happie House has provided me with both physical and mental health benefits. I have come back to yoga after a few years off and am addicted all over again! I have tried different types of exercise but nothing really stuck. This is what works for me.  It is a great escape from the crazy outside world and allows dedicated time to relieving stress. I find that with regular practice I have increased energy and a more positive disposition overall. I have even been noticing my former cheerleader flexibility resurfacing!



What Yoga Means to Me

by Kate Lawlor

Yoga at the Happie House has benefited my life in so many ways. I have become more confident in my body, learned ways to relax my mind when I am stressed, and have felt a sense of community in this big city. My favorite part of the day is escaping all the stresses of life and going to the Happie House, which to me is a space that is supportive, fun, and calming. 



What Yoga Means to Us

by Cristina Guarino

& Amarilis Lugo

Yoga, to me, is the one time per week I get to completely unwind and focus on my breath. I especially enjoy restorative yoga since it's so meditative and helps me stretch out and open up. After sitting at a desk all week for work, it's the perfect opportunity to unwind, unclench, and breathe through all the mental and physical tightness that builds up. Ever since starting restorative yoga a few months ago with Amarilis, I've noticed a definite difference in my mindfulness and mood, and I'm looking forward to carrying this habit into the new year and beyond.

-Cristina Guarino

I've been practicing yoga for 10 years and I love how it brings a focus and balance to my life. I started practicing Restorative yoga to supplement training for my running but now I can't go a week without it. Focusing on my breath and unwinding from the week helps me get the most out of my weekend. 

-Amarilis Lugo

MARCH 2019


What Yoga Means to Me

by Remy Schonhaut

Everyone will tell you, yoga is the last thing I thought I’d fall in love with.  I have a lot of energy and really struggle with stillness. But after what seemed like one transition after another in my personal life I was determined to find a way to feel healthier, both physically and emotionally. And to find a way to spend time with myself while being around others.  I am so grateful to have found the Happie House because yoga, the teachers and environment has been completely life changing.